Tammy Thompson

Tammy Thompson of Thompson Productions

Tammy Thompson is an award-winning filmmaker with her first award in 2022 for the “Hold Me Father” music video sung by Lynnmarie Hinerman.

Thompson began her career as a photographer in 2004 and received many awards for her images, including being a three-time recipient of Maryland Photographer of the Year. She started offering videos to her clients in 2016.


In 2018, Thompson published her first Christian book, “The Land of Good Dreams,” which won two Christian book awards and is the first of eight books in the series. She currently has 11 books out in Christian fiction and Christian nonfiction under her pen name of T. S. Thompson.


Thompson is taking her many God-given gifts and talents and combining them into her filmmaking passion. Currently, she is wrapping up filming her first movie, “The Beauty of Forgiveness” from the screenplay she wrote. Thompson is producing, directing, filming, and editing the Christian film that is planned to be out by the spring of 2024.